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Links and bullet points

I spent the weekend blasting my side garden (which is 20 feet deep and 80 feet long) because I can no longer just pull the encroaching Bermuda. We destroyed so many plants with the brush cutter... My husband sent me inside to keep from having a heart attack over the horror. (I did make him spare my heirloom bulb bed, of course.)

We then tilled up...about 1/3 of it before we gave up for the day. I couldn't grip a glass of water without a struggle last night, that's how achy my hands were. Yeesh. We filled 5 30-gallon compost bags with the clippings and dug up Bermuda. I think we have another two or three still waiting to be dug. HEY WHO WANTS TO COME WORK IN 100F HEAT WITH ME? *crickets*

Thought not.

Fun things for you to read because you know Mondays aren't your favorite:

(And thank you, guys, for the comments, the likes, the links and the love! We appreciate it!)

Today the kids and I are going to make those Nutella lava cookies (we didn't get to last week, after all.) I'll report back on the nomminess. *salutes*
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