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Monday bullet points

I owe a few emails, but they're coming. (Owe. Pfft. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN, those of you with whom I correspond with on a regular basis.)

  • It was 108 yesterday. I worked in the yard until a headache hit and then I realized that's a sign that death could come and I went inside like a smart person.

  • I am still not finished with the de-Bermuda project from hell. I am so close that it makes me fussy.

  • I think "fussy" is a hilarious word. [an hilarious? It's a good word.]

  • Alcide's butt and other bits were clearly visible on True Blood. I may have had tears spring to my eyes from the beauty of it. And watched that scene twice more.

  • Sam's recap pretty much sums up everything I feel about TB.

  • I am still behind on Breaking Bad, but Melody's recap is up early, which means it was a bad ass episode that had to be talked about ASAP.

  • Oh, and my husband accidentally deleted my Skyrim profile on our PS3. (I only had one save, because it's never been a problem before? And I hate clutter even in electronic form?) SO HA HA THE JOKE IS ON ME except for how I was D: instead of laughing because I was at Level 45 and was just about to have the perk of putting TWO magical charms on armor. On my Daedric Armor that starts off at a rating of 183. /nerd

  • I am still sad face about it.

  • To his credit, he was horrified.

  • I want to stop writing my current story and rewrite Lavern & Shirley as Kurt and Rachel (with Jacob Ben Israel as Squiggy. IDK who could be Lenny, tho. Maybe Mr. Schue? LOL.)

OH! And flaming_muse's amazing Klaine story hits a pivotal place today, and is uh-may-zing. Really. REALLY.
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