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Happy Friday!

Olympics! TRACK AND FIELD OH MY GOD. I am Team Lolo and Team BladeRunner (Oscar Pistorius) all the way. (The 4x400 on Monday is going to be CRAZY AWESOME, do plan on watching that event, if nothing else.) I think about Lolo tripping right out of the box last Olympics and could weep all over for her again.

HDJM! Dr. Whovians have been enjoyed Janey's recaps with David Tennant's Doctor, so make sure you catch up! (She's moving next week, so there will be a hiatus to give her breathing room. Perfect time to go back and catch up on everything!)

Fic! flaming_muse continues the perfectly paced slow burn with her story Near Misses, the 5th chapter going up today. Oh, is it worth the nail biting.

Me! The Mr. is taking me out tonight! Pathetically enough, this is the first time I've gone out to dinner since I was in NYC in April. It's a rock-n-roll lifestyle I lead, fo sho. We're going to Craft and I am DELIGHTED by my menu options.

Skyrim! I started up a new game (my husband accidentally deleted my profile on our PS3. GAH.) and for some reason, the game didn't save my character's name and NO NERDS HAVE FIGURED OUT HACKS FOR PS3. Which is redonk. This is the first time the nerdery has failed me. (I didn't realize until I was already at Level 3, and you know, I am just not going through the intro AGAIN.) So my girl is "Prisoner." =P She's still badass, even with a lame name, though. :)

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. :)
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