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I have decided a few things.

  • I will take my arthritis medication again, even though I could have a heart attack (in theory: my heart is as strong as an ox. A dainty ox with lipstick, but an ox.)

  • I will remember to stretch after exercise so I don't whimper on the couch.

  • I will buy a better seat for my bike so I don't break my *pussy bone after riding for an hour over bumpy roads. *Thanks, Tahmoe!

  • I will meet somecandytalkin at Blue Goose for margaritas and laugh about fandom.

I have a group of kids coming to my house, but the moms are a BLAST so we'll turn the Nitrous Oxide on upstairs and make the kids watch Finding Nemo while we drink and flash boobies. HA HA! There will be jumping in the THUNDERDOME (which will be emptied upon crazydiamondsue moving in at the end of February. One of the moms is a closet Buffy-fan (I mentioned her a while ago) so there could be porn. Or, links emailed. They are probably better moms than me and read that stuff when the kids aren't around. Huh. I should try that.

No Godfather-Jossed! today, but I know all three of you are crying in your keyboards over that. Heee!

[ETA] I FORGOT!! My stalker neighbor bought me ROLLER SKATES!! Like, old school boots and heels over four wheels skates!! Which on one hand is AWESOME because I LOVE to roller skate. But I think she wants me to break my leg so she can "care for me." Back off, Annie Wilkes!! *skates away in joy*
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