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The Thundershirt worked through THIS storm

Which, when you click on the cut, you'll see why that's a big deal.

BIG storm rolled in last night for some much needed rain. I know that the majority of the US is in a drought, but Texas has been really hard hit for several years in a row. (Top it off with last year's rampant wildfires, and it's just awful out there for wildlife.) YAY RAIN! We're expecting it all week, too.

It was SO BRIGHT last night that I could sit on my porch with my Kindle at 10pm and read. I gave it up as a bad job, though, because electrical storms are gorgeous.

This was shot by one of our local news team's meteorologist - Justin Terveen - taken in South Dallas (the industrial park south of 30, for those familiar) and it's SO COOL. See the Reunion Tower's lit globe on the left? It looks like a plasma ball!!

This guy has an AMAZING photo album on FB, here. Check it out if you love storm photos (tornadoes, fronts, etc.)

ION, I am determined to not be sick any more. I do feel better, but UGH. I hate making myself lay around. I puttered in the garden (lol - used my spade to dig out saplings and tap roots to wild fennel) and looked up to find that two hours had gone by. Whoops! Zoned out. :) I need to take some pictures while the light is nice - after a rain is the best time for photos. <3 Oh, right: I went out there because it's Julia Child's birthday and I wanted some blossoms from my Julia Child rose bush to commemorate the day. I need to roast a chicken to fully honor her, though.

Last night I had a dream that I had fleas - I was so itchy. D: When I woke up, Smidgen was staring at me and her whiskers were poking my face. STOP GIVING ME DA EVOLS, CAT. /Vicky Pollard

OH HEY. AND WE'RE GOING TO START A REWATCH OF TEEN WOLF SEASON ONE ON HDJM. Liz is all over that, our Spartacus girl that Steven DeKnight fell in love with. :D

[ETA] I failed to mention here (I reblog on Tumblr, where most of Glee fandom is, but I've sworn off Tumblr for fear of spoilers) that you REALLY NEED TO BE READING NEAR MISSES. The latest chapter is here, and the masterlist of notes and all the chapters is HERE. I do not say this lightly: it is a master class in pacing, characterization, and story telling. Simply one of the best fics in the entire fandom, period. Stop waiting, if you are. You'll want to savor each chapter as they post (and today was 11 of 16, so it's coming close to an end!)


Aug. 16th, 2012 09:37 am (UTC)
Amazing storm! Now I have an image of monster tripods heaving themselves out of the ground: instead of rain, you get Martians! Blame it on watching 'War of the Worlds' last night :)

So did you get rain? Or was it all noise and no climax?
Aug. 16th, 2012 12:49 pm (UTC)
Ha, my daughter and I were talking about that very thing yesterday! Very tripos-transfer looking, yes? :D

Oh, LOTS of rain. Which was wonderful! More to come all week, too!


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I love you, why are you doing this? After all we've been through? You don't have to be like this. You know, still reading. You could be baking a pie. And then sharing it with me.

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