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I miss having a fandom. :(

Which might sound strange, because I am still fannish about some shows. This post pretty much sums up how I feel about current fannish trends, aka - rolling around in spoilers and speculations and red herrings and becoming UNBELIEVABLY ANGRY about things and then spending the season bitching about how those spoilers and speculations and red herrings weren't accurate. (Oh, you don't say?)

I have not one single fannish Tumblr on my feed now. No one can be trusted (aside from my Miss Muse), I have painfully found out. I took K_B off my feed last night because someone put in their g.d. author's notes to a fic post "now that we all need a little..." blah blah - which means that they are hinting about a spoiler/speculation/red herring and now I AM INFECTED WITH IT. :(

Everyone can have the fannish experience they want. Which seems to be that they want to be angry and hate a show they continue to watch (oh my god, don't even get me started on the BZUH?-ness of that). So why can't I have the fannish experience I want? Which is to watch the show when it airs, and then talk - BEHIND A CUT - about what I liked, etc? Because people are selfish, that's why. I'm sorry if that makes you angry with me. (People who don't care about my wishes and wants make ME angry.) As flaming_muse said: spoilers should be OPT IN, not OPT OUT.

I've had four different fics on my hard drive that I've essentially deleted. I can't even consider moving forward with any of them, because my joy in the show and sharing it are pretty much gone - not to mention the whole "feeling paralyzed about writing the future with hints of what's to come having been carelessly posted."

I'm just tired of selfish behavior. It's like the majority of the people on the internet exhibit ADD behavior: complete lack of impulse control and thinking things through, or having empathy for others. /killjoy.

There are a handful of people that I enjoy in this fandom, and I'll continue to read them (and I'm talking, like six people), but man - the rest of the fandom has pretty much killed it for me. I've been in one fandom or another since I was, hmm. 11? I'm 40. I've never had such a negative experience. I say this not to be a whiner, but to stress how UNUSUAL this behavior is. This is not how fandoms typically behave, n00bs. As I tell my kids and their friends: Manners are free, so there's no excuse for you to not have any.

Not that it's a hardship to other fan-types in Glee that I'm not really wanting to play ball anymore, I'm not trying to prop myself up in importance (because let's face it - I'm not.) I'm just expressing myself in my personal fannish space.

ION, I bought my son skinny jeans and they bag on him. O_O The child eats almost $200 in groceries A WEEK. If I could bottle his metabolism...

[ETA]: Just to clear the record: I'm not trying to be all sniffy/flouncing. I'm expressing my frustration, is all. (And it should go without saying that there should be NO MENTIONS OF SPOILERS OF ANY KIND in comments here. Or speculation. Or red herrings. Or mention of Brussels sprouts. Because those are gross and make you fart.)


Aug. 17th, 2012 04:41 pm (UTC)
It is hard, though, because my reasons for sticking with Glee have changed so drastically over the last three seasons... and it has a lot to do with Glee itself changing so drastically. I understand the creators being excited about trying new things with it, but I wish they could just keep some consistency to the show. I mean, they have to understand that tv shows need to have some consistency...

I dunno.

The first season I figured Glee was more about Mr. Schuester. I liked Will the first season. I was excited about learning about him and seeing Glee club get started and meeting the members and watching the stories of these kids' lives start to form... it was all great... it still felt very Will oriented.

Second season caused me to completely stop liking Will. They started this show making me believe that, while it was about many things, Will was going to be the one constant... but then they made me hate him. I was so second-hand embarrassed while watching him flounder and fuck up to the point where I stopped empathizing with him.

But it was okay, because at some point during Season 1, I fell head over heels in love with Kurt. In season two, even while being absolutely mortified by Will, I had Kurt to love. I loved Kurt so much... so so so so much...

Season Three had me shipping Klaine so hard. SO HARD. I became my soul purpose in watching the show... which is probably a good thing, because nothing else seemed to be working. The plots weren't working.. the style of writing and storytelling seemed to be jumping all over the place between each episodes.. the way they handled some things seemed really wrong... I just... I felt like it was falling apart... the way they had been walking a tight thin line between ridiculous, even somewhat mocking and wholesome-after-school-special while keeping everything musical and fun seemed to have fallen by the wayside.. like they didn't know how to DO THAT anymore... and that was the charm that was Glee. Things just started to get offensive in places and feel sloppy in others.

BUT... I had Klaine.

Now.. well... I dunno... Season Three radically shook my faith in RIB... and now that all I have left is my lovely Klaine... I am so scared they are gonna fuck that up for me. I don't want to see Klaine fall apart. I want them to live on in my heart and I just don't think I can stomach seeing it fall apart.

I think part of why everything seemed so worse for Season 3 was that I was part of the fandom for it and everything was hyper analyzed... still, though... I feel like Glee just isn't as good as it was in Season 1 and Season 2... I want to be excited about Seaosn 4, I want to give it a chance and see them finally figure out what they want to do with this series. I love the cast to bits. I love the characters. I love what they've created. I just... I don't think I can stomach watching another season of them ruining what they made.

So.. I'm torn... I want to be excited... but the spoilers are making my stomach roil.. and while I usually try not to let spoilers bug me.. I just.. I feel like this isn't fun anymore. Perhaps I should just join a fandom of a movie, that way they can fuck it up for me each new tv show season, lol.
Aug. 17th, 2012 05:13 pm (UTC)
See, I don't see the show as being inconsistent, though. It's been a hodge-podge of dark camp, gritty realism, utter crack and tender moments from the first episode, and I think it still is.

That's not to say that I believe every episode is perfection, but I don't think the show has strayed from "We are crazy and are all the genres of theater, from zany musicals to heartfelt drama and everything in between."

I think they wanted the show to be about Mr. Schuester, that way they could get away with having such dark and adult material, but realized it didn't HAVE to be about him to have that same dark comedy. But it has ALWAYS been the Rachel and Finn show. Always. That's why I get confused about people complaining about their screen time. They are the stars of the show - everyone else is the ensemble.

The show is about the experience that a Social Reject has in school - and it's accurate. There are amazing teachers out there that really care about students, but they haven't stamped out bullying, because they CAN'T. That's the gritty realism. Also, you take away the misfit angle, and you no longer have a story to tell. *shrug*

I have no idea what you're talking about with Season Three, but I accept that you are certainly entitled to enjoy/not enjoy the show as you experience it. That just wasn't MY experience in the slightest. My viewing (spoiler/speculation free) was that it was an astounding amount of wonderful Klaine moments. So. *hands*

I just don't enjoy hating on the show. Then again, I'm a glass half full kind of person and always look for a silver lining in anything. So I just don't see the woefulness that most of fandom has seen, and honestly, I'm baffled by it. I have ENJOYED all three seasons. Quite a lot, actually. I have faith in RIB, and don't get the hate they get.

But again: to each his/her own.

(And maybe...you should avoid spoilers, too? If it's so upsetting to you? I just throw that out there for you to do as you will, of course.)
Aug. 17th, 2012 06:39 pm (UTC)
You're probably right. My opinions are probably just tainted by the fandom.


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