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Hello, hello! (And a question for you)

I have been mostly sans-internet for the week while entertaining a guest, a guest who weirdly enough doesn't feel compelled to check their multiple blogs several times a day? Le gasp! So I had to do stuff like talk out loud and be outside (omg, it was 100F + all week, cry cry). Oh, right, and spend the week with my oldest friend, Chrissy. Well, oldest friendship. She's only a year older than me, it's not like she's old.

I'm out of practice with writing words, derp.


1. When I have something delicious to eat, I want to eat it a lot. Example: (my friend is vegetarian, so I wanted to make meals that were inclusive) whole wheat ciabatta bun, toasted with a brush of olive oil and sea salt. On this: sun-dried tomato pesto, grilled portobello mushroom (brushed with balsamic vinaigrette and sea salt), a little Feta cheese, roasted red bell peppers, baby spinach leaves and pepperocinis. SO GUESS WHAT I ATE FOR LUNCH ALL WEEK. Nom nom!

2. I took her to Sephora (because you can order stuff online, hooray! - and she lives in the sticks) and played with makeup for a few hours. I convinced her to sign up for their rewards card, and as they filled out her information, the girl asked my friend, "Email?" which Chrissy heard as "Female?" She did a tiny double take, and in a very friendly voice said, "Yes, female?" I don't know who felt more derpy, the cashier or my friend. I just cackled and laughed, because I'm awesome and supportive. (ha) WHY WOULD SHE ASK YOU IF YOU WERE FEMALE. Lol.

3. AND THE MOST IMPORTANT PART. I am going to be heading out to LA at the end of October for a fun media-fest/weekend plus a few days' getaway, and as I have never been, am looking for your suggestions on the following:

* neighborhoods that are wonderful to stay in
* Must See sights (beyond the typical tourist attractions like Grauman's, etc.)
* Must Eat restaurants.

Remember that I am a grown-ass lady and I have money, so I don't have to rough it. :D (And I'm renting a car.) Anyone? *chinfists*

4. And not having a fannish Tumblr anymore has really made me happy. HUH. PRETTY PICTURES, YAY!


Sep. 7th, 2012 04:40 pm (UTC)

I'm not allowed in Sephora. I can NOT walk out of there without dropping a ton of coin.

Ooh, so jealous of your LA trip. I love going there. I don't know that I can recommend a neighborhood to stay in, since I always stay with friends when I visit, but Los Feliz and Silver Lake are both cute neighborhoods. Both are east of Hollywood, though Los Feliz is closer to the action.

I can't really help with restaurants since my friends are always on a budget. I had to go to Pink's and I always get In-n-Out burger when I'm there, but as far as foodie type places, I don't know much about it. Which blows because I love to eat.

I know you want lesser known tourist attractions, but I loved the Griffith Observatory (though I wish they had viewings), the Getty and the Warner Brothers Studio tour, which is completely different from the Universal Tour. Heavy on the film/tv history, light on the theme park.

I'm also a movie nerd, so I love to see locations where movies were filmed. We had dinner at the Formosa Cafe, which was used in 'LA Confidential' ("Exley: Shut up! A hooker cut to look like Lana Turner is still a hooker. She just looks like Lana Turner. Jack: She is Lana Turner.") I also hit The Dresden in Los Feliz from "Swingers". I'm pretty sure that couple are still performing. There are a few websites that list all of the movies and their locations if you're interested in that sort of thing.


I'm more interested in seeing where the classic movies were filmed, but there's the more recent stuff as well.

I also went to this theater that screened silent movies. I saw a pristine cut of Charlie Chaplin's 'The Kid', which was awesome for me because I have a hard time watching silent movies because of film degradation. I'm not kidding when I say this cut looked like it had just been shot. It was spectacular. Again, not sure if you're into that, but here's the link:


Amoeba Music is an awesome music store, huge selection and very helpful staff.

The ArcLight is a great place to see a movie. There's a bar and some showings are 21+, so you can bring your drink into the theater.

That's what immediately comes to mind. I hope it's helpful. :-)
Sep. 7th, 2012 08:14 pm (UTC)
SEPHORA. That and Origins are my "oopsie doodles!" spent too much stores, for sure. :D

OH, THIS IS FABULOUS INFORMATION!! I def. wouldn't mind seeing interesting sights like you've mentioned. I'm not wanting to be a tourist with a crowd - I much prefer to blend in with the locals and immerse myself in a place, so these sound like some fantastic options for that. YAY!!! Thank you, thank you!


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