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HDJM and navel gazing

First, business: HOARDERS RECAP! The question for you today (to be answered there, as that's where the show's production staff reads - and did you notice that some of the complaints we raised last season weren't there this season? Good work, team!) is this:

Do you struggle with sympathy for people who hoard objects (as opposed to grief hoarders) like I do? And why do you think that is?

Also, Teen Wolf, 1.4 is up as is Dexter, Dr. Who, and don't forget we've added Torchwood to our Fridays! <3 Click here for all of that and more. (And Glee in two days!!!)

Second, why oh why did I leave my TV on TLC last night? Here is my VERY RARE talk about 9/11.

I was working for a company that did online trading and tracking at the time, and my boss and I had plans to be in NASDAQ that Monday and Tuesday to meet with their IT staff. For almost three years I had worked daily (over the phone) with traders both on the floor and the Market Makers of both NASDAQ and NYSE.

I had Emily a month before, and wasn't quite up to travel (I had already gone back to work full time - working from home is awesome) so I stayed home. My boss missed her flight. She never got to NYC, as we all know that every airport in the US went on lockdown. I was watching the news and watched the horror as we all did.

I have never been more grateful to have had a child than I was that morning. It still terrifies me to this day that I would have been there when this happened. (NYSE/NASDAQ are a part of the 7 buildings damaged in the attack.)

What has me sobbing every year, though, is the thought of the 343 firefighters that immediately got into their vehicles and raced to the scene, ran inside those buildings and in some cases made it to the 87th floor, their only instinct was to help others. The 343 that never came out. I think of these brave men and women (and the other first responders and police officers and transit authority workers) that said to themselves, "My job is to go into that blaze, into that debris cloud, and I need to help people."

I think about how selfless that is, and how I can talk a good game, but jfc, can you imagine? The sounds of that place. The air (or lack of). I really don't like dwelling on the maudlin (our news does enough of that) so I just want to stress that at this time every year I think about how fucking amazing it is when someone chooses that profession. I don't think there's a more selfless individual than a firefighter.

If you're so inclined, you might consider dropping into your local station house and just telling them thank you. Believe me, they don't hear it enough. There is also the Leary Firefighter's Fund, a wonderful outfit that exists to make sure these guys have the best equipment to insure they come out of a blaze intact.

God damned heroes, the lot of them.

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