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Fun with spam

I get a LOT of spam comments on HDJM, and they're typically the same thing. But every now and then, some doozies come through.

  • At last, soomene who knows where to find the beef. (me: points to pants)

  • This piece was cogent, well-wirten, and pithy. (Oh, I see whut U did there.)

  • Your wesbite has to be the electronic Swiss army knife for this topic. (What's a wes-bite? Is it like an underbite, but snooty, well educated and in love with Cordelia Chase? Also we're missing the toothpick, so it's hard to keep the wesbite clean.)

  • what are japanese going to eat besides rice shaped like hello kitty? (What ARE they going to eat? Now I'm worried. Hello Kitty rice is like eucalyptus leaves for pandas - it's all they eat!)

I am SO CLOSE to being ready to film a video that I've been wanting to make for about two years now - I just need to get costumes (and a female partner that can rap. Since my sister won't call me back. D:) I had a super productive day yesterday with my Other Writing Partner, we have a studio lined up for a web series we're writing, and if I can just get the world to cooperate, I can finish up these scripts and actually do something with my life. (lol)

AND TELL ME YOU LOVE THE NEW NORMAL BECAUSE I LOVE THE NEW NORMAL. I can see where it's going (and where it has New Show syndrome) but I LOVE IT.

(And because it makes me really happy and super proud, I love getting a stamp of approval from the production staff at Hoarders for our recaps. :) Also, it's just fun to email back and forth with Matt and to get "peace and blessings, Laura!" from Dr. Green, who is a living cupie doll. <3)
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