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In which I remind everyone that I am a dork.

I sat on my front walk digging up crocosmia bulbs (write that down, it's important) while listening to The Roots station on Pandora. I started singing along with Mos Def's "U R The One" - which is a painful and plaintive break up song. And evidently was singing loudly, given the confused and bothered look from the old man walking his dog. WHATEVER, DUDE I HAVE FEELS ABOUT MOS DEF.

(I also dug up my tiger lilies and Asiatic lily bulbs as they're ready to be divided and I has a happy for new garden beds!) I AM A DORK, see: subject heading.

I have been making iron ons for the upcoming Pride Parade in Dallas, and those who know me know that I LOVE IRON ONS. They used to come in cereal boxes, anyone remember? I had a pretty sweet Star Wars one back in the day. Thanks, Cheerios!


I AM TRYING TO KEEP BUSY BECAUSE GLEE IS ON TONIGHT AND I AM SPOILER FREE. And excited! Don't forget that HDJM recaps are also spoiler free (for future eps) and POSITIVE. Take your hate to TWoP or wherever. I mean, I crack wise, but there's no "OMG LET'S WRITE HATE MAIL TO RYAN." (And man, I miss doing the drinking game. But it's so much work with no reward other than my own taste buds being satisfied. =/)

LA LA LA time to play the forty-million-jillionth game of Solitaire to keep occupied...
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