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Raise your hand if you're glad it's Friday?

I'm now typing one-handed because MAN AM I HAPPY. ...that sounds like a dirty joke.

First! Torchwood fans, we're continuing with the rewatch/discussions at HDJM with 1.03 - Ghost Machine. Come support our newest writer with likes and comments. :)

Second, here is Glee's recap is up for Britney 2.0, and as always it is a FUTURE SPOILER FREE HAPPY PLACE. There are obviously spoilers for the episode, as it's a recap, but nothing future beyond the promo.

...which leads me to this, because I got a few PMs last night.

I do not, not for one moment, believe that the show is doing any sort of fan-service/nod to fanfictions. Um, the things that are being called out as "OMG THAT IS FROM [fic]!!ELEVENTY!" are the most common tropes in romantic comedies, come on. =/ That's why we like them: they're familiar! Also, it's a show about kids who love Broadway and pop. Songs from fics are going to be songs they use on the show, not because of the fic, but because they're good music? I know it's exciting for a newbie to think this way, but let's get real. (I'm flattered that some of y'all thought that, but no. WTS ain't that big, one, and two, those people are too busy and too lawsuit-avoiding because of being busy.)

Also, I do not under any circumstances WANT showrunners reading my flippin' fanfiction, are you kidding me? GAH! DO NOT CROSS THE STREAMS OR GOZER WILL CALL FORTH THE DESTRUCTOR. Aka law suits. I DO NOT WANT TO BE SUED, disclaimer on my user info page aside. Or creep people out because I wrote a story about them/their character having sex. D:

But it's not a problem, because they're not. (Reading fanfic. Esp. not mine, puh-lease. Ryan Murphy is a tad too busy to read things he's not writing himself.)

And let's face it, LOTS of stories feature kitchens catching on fire. It's a meet-cute trope for a reason. :)

OH! If you want to talk about THE PROMO ONLY, no episode spoilers!! Put "Spoiler for Promo" in your subject heading, if you please? That will help people who've not seen 4.2 yet stay spoiler-free. THANK YOU.

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