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My internet is spotty-`

-because the universe hates me. So I'm going to be woefully behind on many things, including replies.

First priority was to get the Glee-cap up, and it's HERE and don't make my hair-tearing for naught, read, link, like, talk. :D I LOVE SARAH JESSICA PARKER. (I get sad on her behalf when people are assholes about her. She's lovely! And very talented. I'm no Sex and the City fan, but I'm a fan of hers. Square Pegs! COME ON.)

Also, I got off a Facts of Life joke because the kids are all about Mrs. Garrison, right?


Remember: HDJM is for people who actually LIKE THE SHOWS WE TALK ABOUT. Take the negative hate to TWoP or what have you. It's spoiler free and squee-filled. you can be critical, but you can't be a jerk.

Okay, updating all of my drivers to make sure I don't need a new WLAN card. =/ Technology sucks when it fails. <3 Have a LOVELY day, gang.
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