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not a fandom rant, but jesus H. christ

Let me preface this vomitous explosion of rage with the following bits of info about myself: I have three kids, very close in age. The oldest is ADHD, and there were times that I thought about shipping him off to a "push-ups in the mud" school until he was 18. I am the second oldest of 5, my dad is number 13 out of 15 kids, and to say that I have an idea of kids and their behavior, is well: underkill. I'm surrounded.

I also get how hard it can be some days. Man, do I know. Days where you hide in your closet and either eat a 5 lb block of chocolate, polish off a bottle of whiskey, or rock and cry yourself calm. That being said, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH SOME PARENTS?? Daughter went to a friend's house to play after school. Friend whines and yells and HITS her mom. The child is 7. Mom whines and asks daughter to forgive her for not making the perfect snack.

At the ortho today and see some boys call their mom a dirty name, and she laughs, then says in a whiney voice for them to stop it.

Watching a show (couldn't take more than a few minutes) called Supernanny where the mom has NO idea where her three year old is, then finds him in the street with SCISSORS. The hell??

Folks, YOU are the boss of your kids. If you don't make your kids treat you with respect, how on earth are they going to learn to show repsect to anyone else? I'm not a beater, but my kids know when I mean business. My kids say "ma'am" and "sir," they don't need to be prompted for "thank you" or "please," not even the three year old. Wanna know how? I TAUGHT them.

When my kids try to interrupt grownups, I ignore them. If they keep it up (I'm not talking about blood or bone showing - those are the house rules for interrupting) then they get sent to their room. They don't get sent to their room to play video games and such. I have taken EVERYTHING from my son (except a bed and two books of his choice) for destroying property last year. Everytime he did something nice, he got to earn something back. You know what? It was a pain in the ass. But he learned.

I love my older sister, but she is raising some whiney goddamn kids because she wants to be their friend. I see that everyday with the parents in my neighborhood. Your kids aren't your pals. They don't need to like you, but they sure as hell need to respect you. If you can't handle being a teacher to your own children, don't have them. That may sound harsh, but hell. I heard the best thing ever from a woman I modeled my parenting after. Her son (my cousin) was acting the fool at a football game and spoke back to an adult. My aunt hit the back of his head and told him to watch his mouth. A stranger told her to not hit him. My aunt replied, "lady, I can hit him now, or he can rob you in four years."

Now, I'm going to kiss my kids and be grateful they are turning out into decent little shits, er, humans.

To change the tone (because I got my venom out) I leave you with an icon I made for my three year old to enjoy based on the PotterPotter/Weasley Weasley ear worm. Oh. And go read dovil's funny new fic, that is REALLY GOOD, to boot. Not enough people bringing the funny out there...
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