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Some links, love, and excitement

  • First, last night's Hoarders hit me right in the heart-boxer, ja. Alvin is an elderly man that has all but been shunned by his family - and it's pretty evident that he has undiagnosed autism. Yeah, that one hits close to home. (The other story has a man that was an OUTSTANDING artist, and I'm completely serious when I say I want one of his pieces.) Here is the recap.
  • Teen Wolf's rewatch continues with S1E7 - Night School, and if showrunners can give Liz praise for her hilarious awesomeness, then you should, too. :)
  • Janey's wildly popular Doctor Who recaps await you, and here's S7E5, The Angels Take Manhattan. (Eee! Weeping Angels!!)
  • Speaking of popular, Dexter's new season started, and Samantha has a discussion post for the season opener waiting for you.

And remember, if you like what you read, won't you +1, "Like," tumblr, share links? Everyone works for free and everyone writes because they love talking about great TV. A little praise goes a long way. <3

Second, thank you to all who have been sending me notes of love and support. It truly means so much to me and my son. Thank you thank you. <3

Third, I am having a business lunch with my writer buddy and a producer to see if we can't get that gardening show idea I had off the ground. The goal: shoot 3 - 6 episodes, put them online, and market them to DIY. I mean... performing, writing, AND gardening? That's pretty much everything I love. Throw in a glass of wine at the end (I actually want to do that, sit in the garden after we've worked with a glass of vino and wrap it up) and my life might be complete.

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