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ZOMBIES. My favorite monster is back. [The Walking Dead] + gardening stuff

WHEE!! The Walking Dead premiered last night, and I took over the recaps (our former writer has left) and I AM EXCITE. Guys, y'all know this is my wheelhouse. Come talk to me!

Also up: Torchwood (every Friday!) and SPN. Oh, I love you, TV. :D

This is a glorious week for me, because Friday I am winging my way to California for a Writer's Retreat (5 whole days!) with flaming_muse, and we're going to meet up with bdbdb and we have Sooper Secret Events that I am looking forward to, and just... BOY DO I NEED A VACATION. \o/

I'm putting a place-holder here for some gardening pics, because I spent Saturday ripping out craziness and replanting things as the Big Overhaul of 2012 continues. <3

HELLO EVERYONE! It's a wonderful Monday. :D
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