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the phone books are here! the phone books are here!

JOHNSON! NAVIN! R! (If you have no idea what that means, you need to educate yourself with one of the best classic comedies ever.)

I am freaking GIDDY WITH DELIGHT because my vacation is here, my vacation is here! It has been a hard slog this year, and boy, do I need a break. My lovely lovely flaming_muse and I are off to LA for a writing retreat, delicious food nomming (such as ink - Michael Voltaggio's place! And I might leave my family for him, should the opportunity arise, just be aware.) and other joyful activities.

Be good, don't break things, watch out for your sister, put the toilet seat down, and wash your hands. Mom will be back on Tues-

I AM SORRY - IT'S HARD TO TURN OFF. First Class cabin, here I come. <3 (And the next book in The Passage series is out and I cannot wait for the plane to take off, giving me 3 glorious hours of reading time! WHAT IS HAPPEN.)

OH PEE ESS: I'll still be recapping The Walking Dead and Hoarders, but they will most likely be abbreviated. Thank you for understanding! <3
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