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Okay, I am about to start making a VERY long drive weekly to visit my son (5 hours each way) and want to load up my Kindle. And...I want Teen Wolf fics. YES. IT HAPPENED. I watched all of it on Netflix, found it to be a lot of fun, and love a few characters enough to want to read about them. So, um, am I the only person that ships Chris Argent/Derek Hale? I am, aren't I? Sigh. Also want: Sterek. Stiles/Lydia. Peter Hale and ANYONE GOOD LORD.

Only GREAT FICS, pls. Spot on characterization that is them. I don't care if it becomes an AU, but they have to still be themselves. I haaaaate fics that just make them look like the character but not ACT like the character. I know a bunch of you read it, so whatchu love?

Also: um... I totally ship the very made up, not real at all, but oh my god the puppy eyes and energy and pretty skin and jaw-lines of Dylan O'Brian and Chris Colfer. ...this doesn't exist, does it? I feel deep shame just asking for it, so you know. I VERY RARELY read RPS because it makes me feel icky. I don't mind other people digging on it, it's just not usually for me, not anymore. Except for now? I AM BROKEN, OKAY.

In the meantime, I'm dealing the the courts, hospitals, treatment centers, a MiL that has forgotten that I NEVER DO THANKSGIVING WITH HER and why is she asking if I want her to COOK FOR ME?! The answer is always NO., my parents wanting updates on our situation and having to constantly hang up to take other calls, and all of my own prep for our miini-Thanksgiving with my kids and sister/her husband. SO I'M KINDA TEARING MY HAIR OUT. But the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter? =/



Nov. 20th, 2012 07:24 pm (UTC)
lol, everyone joins the teen wolf train one of these days^^

you came to the right adress, there are so, so many good fics, but I'm just going to give you a few of my favourites, with the exception of I think one they are all at least over 10.000 words, because I needed to limit myself, but if you wanted a specific theme (or porn...I mainly left out all the pwp's) just tell me^^. Also they are mearly all Sterek (hinted, pre-slash, established etc.) except if indicated otherwise

Crash Landers by gyzym, In which Stiles learns to Stalk That Stalk. (Or, how to accidentally woo your unfriendly neighborhood alpha in roughly five hundred handwritten steps.), canon continuation

Seconding the Milkshakes and Matchsticks rec, but also her newest one By any other Name, He doesn't know his name, he doesn't know who he is, and neither does the werewolf he's on the run with. But he's pretty sure they hunt monsters, because they seem to be really good at it., great wonderful and actually not that angsty amnesia fic

Outrun your ghosts by lolafeist, When Derek Hale arrives at the Beacon Hills Young Adult Rehabilitation Center, he plans on keeping his head down and serving the rest of his time in minimum security peace. Stiles Stilinski changes all of that., heed the warnings, but this one really is achingly beautiful

The Wolf Whistle series by ashinan, 's one thing to attract the attention of the alpha pack moving in on Beacon Hills, but when Stiles' magic reveals he's not just the resident magic user in town, he realizes there might be more to the Little Red nickname he's adopted as his own., an ongoing series with up till now 5 finished fics, with extremely well done magic!stiles and very believably slow sterek (over 60k and still we are in pre-slash territory) and an extremely intriguing over arching plot

tie a napkin 'round your neck, cherie by magnetic wave, tiles has been a teapot for 3,308 days. // Scott skids into the door breathlessly and shouts, “THERE’S A GIRL IN THE CASTLE,” and promptly brains himself on one of the casserole dishes., hilariously funny and moving teapot!stiles and wheelbarrow!derek, just trust me and read it, it's amazing (and hey compared to the other stuff on this list only about 8000 words)

To have outlived the night by stillane, Derek steps away from the window. “You helped me. They took that as a declaration.”, awesome bamf!stiles, with the pack actually working together, lydia being awesome and conflicts with out of town hunters

Go big or go home by the farofixer (and the corresponding series The complementary series), Danny is not anybody’s gay yoda. He’d like to make that much clear., hilarious Danny thinks he should help Stiles with his sexual crisis over "Miguel", including awesome Lydia+Danny (+Stiles) friendship bonding

Hide of a life war by etharei,

“We have received confirmation that there is a hostage situation in progress at a warehouse compound two hours out of Los Angeles, following a multiple-vehicle pileup on Highway 101 this morning...”

The one in which Stiles has lived to (legal) adulthood and, along the way, become a bit of a badass himself.
, mainly great wonderful stilinski bonding in an extreme situation

Open the door by renay, Derek gives Stiles his jacket., I'm having a hard time summarizing this because it is that and so much more, just a very beautiful progression of their relationship

(more in part two, because lj comment limits)
Nov. 20th, 2012 09:30 pm (UTC)

<3 <3 <3
Nov. 20th, 2012 09:42 pm (UTC)
haha you're welcome^^

I always wish I had lists like this when I join a new fandom, so its cool to be able to help


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