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I haven't eaten yet today, so this is going to be quick before I dive face-first into some Thanksgiving leftovers (oh my god, my sister should have taken more with her, I made too much!!)

The Walking Dead. Damn. Massive triggers for sexual assault, so be warned and take care. I was spitting and hissing and about to tear my hair out, which led to an awesome discussion with my husband about feminist issues, and it's lovely that he's so amenable to learning empathy for situations that he can't conceive.

Also, we are totally going to rock the End Times with our skills. It's always comforting to know that (lol).

And now I heat up some Four Cheese Macaroni and walk past fresh vegetable with a devilish laugh. OH! Teen Wolf's Season 2 is on Netflix, now, and just in time for our recaps! And in case you missed it, the Twilight Breaking Dawn finale was recapped by yours truly, and yes - it was just as awful as you thought it would be. Delightfully awful (and mostly because it's over!!)

Some lovely person made a donation to the web site this morning, and THANK YOU VERY MUCH! (It's pretty much supported by yours truly, and I just had to pay for all of the background spam filters again, so it is PERFECT timing to cover that particular cost! I'm very grateful to you, sweet, kind reader! We write there because we love it, but it sure is wonderful to be supported by our readers!)
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