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Links and weekend chatter

Glee last night made me incredibly happy. (Link goes to recap/discussion post.) This stupid story that I've been writing since the end of April (good god) actually has a moment in the beginning that happened on this episode. Prescient? LOL, no, there just was only one logical conclusion for a certain song to express a certain emotion. /zips lip to avoid spoilers.

Speaking of stories, did all of you Gleeks on my flist see that flaming_muse is posting a continuation to Near Misses? Because it starts here, is 5 parts, and #2 went up today. She's worked her tail off on it, so be lovely and tell her you like it, if you did.

There is the annual Love Meme up and running, and you should put your name there AND SHARE THE LINK so I can secretly send you praise! (I have only ever participated in these - meaning, putting my name in, I LOVE to leave comments to people - one time and was incredibly embarrassed to do so, but you know what? Screw that. I could use nice things said to me this year. Just if you feel so inclined.) <3

NOTE TO PEOPLE REPLYING ON THOSE THREADS: be sure that you hit the REPLY link under the person's name and not the "leave a comment" link. Because then there's an anonymous comment to the main post that no one knows who it belongs to. I always get sad when I see orphan comments, knowing someone didn't get their message. :(

We get to have a nice, long visit with The Boy tomorrow, so we're driving down tonight in order to have the whole day with him, before having to drive back tomorrow night. I need to find a Sally Derg-sitter to let her go potty in the morning, make sure everyone's packed up, make a million phone calls (true story: I loathe the phone) and transfer the twenty Sterek stories I dl'd off the AO3 to my Kindle. And THANK YOU for your recs the other day! <3
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