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Hump Day

Dear flist: I am sorry that I have been so random lately. Apparently I am driving off readers in droves. I fully support your choice to make your reading list a place of joy, and I send you well wishes on your internet journeys. *hankies*

That's a reminder that it's always okay to take me off your lists/feeds/etc. It's YOUR internet time. I'm picky, too. I get it.

ION, last night I started reading a Sterek fic where it involved forced mating due to the werewolves having their annual "heat" and while there is that part of me that is ashamed that I made spastic grabby hands at that, I remembered that there is no kink shaming allowed. Unless it's stuff that is, you know, morally repugnant and highly illegal world-wide.

So let's have fun talking about bullet-proof kinks/story tropes! We haven't done this in a while. Mine are:
  • first time, especially when things are awkward
  • frantic, desperate quickies where they feel like they could die if they don't touch the other
  • forced marriages (oh my god.)
  • forced coupling for the betterment of a people/to save a loved one's life
  • Tarzan (lol)
  • opposites attract only to find out just how similar they are underneath

What are yours? And if they are in the Glee or Teen Wolf fandoms (ooh, or movie Sherlock fandom) PLEASE TELL ME AND LINK ME. :)

*chin fists, beaming*

This post brought to you by my need to look at my icon of Stiles Stilinski coupled with the words Hump Day.
*dives back into writing this stoopid soul mate fic oh my god*
*remembers I produced 2500 words today so far, so quit yer yappin', me*


Dec. 13th, 2012 12:57 am (UTC)
First, I heartily support randomness. And the words "hump day" next to whoever that fine example of eye candy is in your icon *runs away with fingers in ears* la, la, la, I can't hear you!

I haven't been at this fandom thing long, so I've yet to fully explore my kinks and tropes, but there are a few:
-Hidden or forbidden relationships. Sneaking around. Staying quiet. Desperate, stolen kisses and furtive groping and omg we have to stop because someone's coming and...Gah.
-Post adventure/fighting evil/random-dangerous-activity sex. Knights and superheros and creatures of the night...
-Dub con. Never thought that'd do it for me, but *shrugs*. Bonus points if it's in any sort of fantasy/sci-fi realm.

And let me give a hell yeah for reunion sex. Especially if it's after years of pining so it combines those must have you now or I will fucking die feels with some first-timey angst and/or awkwardness.
Dec. 13th, 2012 03:14 am (UTC)
OKAY. Okay. We have to talk about my icon. Because he is my dream boyfriend, even more than Darren. I KNOW. That, my darling, is Dylan O'Brien, aka "Stiles" on the ridiculous show Teen Wolf. He is delicious and hilarious and goofy, aka, a perfect boy for me. Hahaha.


Oh, kinks are so fun. I mean, it's awful when they're poorly executed, but sometimes, when they're all there... MAGIC. I'm with you on the Dub/Con on both accounts - hot and disturbing that it is. Eh, it's reading, it's not real life, you know?

REUNION SEX! You might recall that I'm awfully fond of that, too. :D
Dec. 13th, 2012 04:09 am (UTC)
Sorry, I couldn't hear you with my fingers in my ears. He plays teen GOLF? But I don't like golf. Nice try :D I will not give in I will not give in

And yeah, me be familiar with your aptitude for writing reunion sex *fans self*


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