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This has been a year of having some life-long dreams realized, of good friends, travel, and reconnecting with old friends. This has also been a year of the absolute worst experiences of my entire life.


This was the year when I learned to let a lot of baggage go and when I learned what truly matters. This was the year when the very worst that could happen...didn't.

So. Yin, yang.

I don't expect things to be magically different in the morning, but I am looking forward to the road ahead, the one I can't see where it twists and turns. As long as it doesn't double back on itself, yeah?

Be safe if you're in my hemisphere celebrating, and drink lots of water if you're in the other (and go back to sleep). Wishing you and yours a great 2013.


I'm on a self-imposed internet break, and it's really good for me. But I'll be back soon.
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