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I wrote a thing? A Teen Wolf thing?

*waves* So, my idea of therapy this weekend was to write out 8000 words of a Sterek fic that is growing into a series, and I outlined another fic and I just don't know either, guys.

As I come back online this week (man, do I recommend turning off all notifications to everything online for a mental health break!) I thought I'd put this out there, in case it's interesting to anyone.

Choosing The Road Less Taken, on the AO3, and I think that's the only place I'll put TW fic. Stiles POV, pre-slash (lol), takes place during the finale, will build to M/NC-17. This part is only PG-13/R for mentions on canon violence.

Yeah, I know Glee isn't posted on HDJM and it's because it makes me unbelievably unhappy right now and I kind of have enough things to feel sad about; a show shouldn't be one of them. Thanks for your patience.
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