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Multiple Things to fill your day

ETA That The Bachelor is back on HDJM for all your douchetestant needs. :D

First, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was OUTSTANDING last night. For me to laugh at. Wow, the hubris is just baffling to me and also really funny. Here's my recap, and there's an excerpt right here for you to test drive:

Taylor is juicing what appears to be soggy linen napkins when the door rings.  It’s her psychic, someone “connected” to Oprah.  Miss Alisha (and her spiritual entourage that insist on pulling her hair and making her bend and twist to get answers from “Father”) comes in with a treat for her.  It’s a black rock for her to “get intimate with” until she lets out her discharge (I am not making that up), and that she isn’t supposed to “touch her bead with her fire finger.”

Some of us need to touch it, Miss Alisha, who are you to dictate what beads get touched until one discharges?

And then AND THEN she goes on to say to Taylor that, and I quote, “WHEN YOUR TONGUE GOES UP, THE SACRED ELIXIR COMES DOWN” and the oral sex jokes just write themselves here.  Don’t forget to touch his “bead” with your fire finger, too.  Some dudes don’t know they’re gonna like it, HEY-O.
I have a ridiculous amount of fun writing these, and the Legolas/Yolanda jokes will never get old for me.

Second, Teen Wold has taken over my brain. I'm not complaining. Liz's recaps continue, for those not hip to the fact.

Third, Bomb Girls, a Canadian show, has started back up along with the recaps and we're pretty much the only place you can talk about the show, we've found. Laura M's recaps are right here.

Fourth, I appear to have written a Teen Wolf fic, for those inclined to read such things. It's posted here.

Fifth, I am downing TW/Sterek fic like there's no tomorrow and bookmarking fics I like. You can find those here, if you're curious. (More to come later.) Also, I'm finding that everything Helenish and Devildoll write up on Tumblr hits me right in my faves.

Sixth, I'm about to have a business meeting for the gardening show, which makes me happy, but before I sign off for the afternoon, I wanted to say thank you so, so much for all of the sweet messages and little bits of encouragement you've sent to me over the weeks. I really and truly appreciate them. <3
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