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Road trips, controlled substances across state lines, and LJ

Am back from Oklahoma, and sorry, crazydiamondsue, I yee-hawed when I crossed the Red River. Only because I'm Texan through and through, not because I didn't have a great time. Because I did. you took me trolling through the gay district and we laughed about being too square to be able to score some pot, foolishly forgetting that I had speed in my bag....

Sue? Is a fantastic hostess. She made me a wonderful dinner (and cake!! She baked me a cake!!) took me out on the town, hooked me up with uberaeryn, and fed me quesadillas the next day. And everything was Weight Watchers safe. Even the cake! You'd never know it... Everyone harrass her for the recipe, because one big slice was 170 calories and 1.5 grams of fat. Num.

I realized on the drive that this was my first alone road-trip in 10 years. I love driving. I love being on the open road with miles and miles of highway, a great stack of CDs, and an open plan. Once you have kids... Fuggedaboutit. As soon as I got out on open highway headed north, the theme song for the trip hit the speakers: Take Your Momma Out by the Scissor Sisters. I'm going to make a big music post later so y'all can download stuff if you want, BTW. "Gonna get her jacked up on cheap champagne and the let the good times all roll out." It was then that I realized I had a baggie of my son's ADHD medicine in my bag, (a controlled substance - SPEED) as well as hangover medicine, Chasers, and my drag queen CDs out. If I only had some lube and a dildo, it'd be time to partay. Speed? Drink? Drag queens? It would be an enlightening article in the paper should I die in a firey crash...

I do my best thinking when I'm driving. I've had a story that I wanted to be my "great American novel" that I started about the same time I found LJ. Guess which became more time consuming? I kinda lost the idea for that story, as well. I posted a bit of it in secondverse's LJ the other day, and it got me thinking about it again. I also took on a job this year as the editor of the Master Gardener monthly newsletter, and it's far more time-consuming than I thought. But I'm working with real writers. Meaning, PAID writers. The former editor has my dream job: she travels the world and writes up 1500 words on native plant life. Just got back from the Yucatan, and is heading over to India next month. I'm learning about myself, my writing style, and what I WANT to write from this new adventure.

And what DO I want to write? My story about mothers. About the damage and salvation that can happen. And there aren't any vampires in that story. What THAT means is, I'm going to be out in LJ-land less and less. This isn't a big deal, as I am not one of the popular writers, or well-respected writers in any form or fashion. Because I write comedy, and most people don't like comedy. Which is fine. But I saw a story about Jenny Calendar and Lilah Morgan, (?) and I am finding less and less in fandom that compells me to clickity. Which is fine, and not meant as an insult. It just isn't as compelling to me right now as it used to be.

I'm still going to post regularly about my life, check out YOUR journals for what is happening with you, because I care about YOU, and not always the fic. YOU are my friend, and I want to hear about your goings on. If this sounds boring to you, it won't upset me if you thin your herd. Because it's your journal. Read what you want.

I came to LJ to learn how to write again. There are so many people on my flist and in fandom that astound me with their talents, and the fact that they are NOT getting buckets of money. I think ultimately I want that, if I can get it. I want baskets of cash to put words to paper. Probably won't happen, but I'm in my thirties and wanting to FINALLY do something about it. If I fail, at least I fucking tried, you know?

This is sounding self-indulgent - like I'm a bit too big for my britches - but I'm basically conceding the point that the fanfiction I write is not very popular (oh well, it amuses the hell out of me) and I want to tackle that project I've had in mind to do since, well, forever. I'm going to finish my current WIP, because I can't stand an unfinished tale, and I've got an Annie parody for secondverse that I'm really excited about. Oh god. I'm picturing who is going to play Annie and Daddy Warbucks and Miss Hannigan (Is that merriment I hear? DO I hear children laughing?)

[ETA] Just to be clear, I'm just putting this in writing so I have to stick to my guns. I'm not whining to you guys to tell me you love every word I put out here. just so you don't roll your eyes, or something...

And, um, this is what I thought about on my way up and back from hanging with crazydiamondsue and uberaeryn. And Sue? If I could have smuggled your weiner dog and two cats into my bag and gone home with them, I would have. And confidential to uberaeryn: Goldschlager is lovely. Mixed with 6 Sour Apple Martinis and a Dos Equis? I see why you feel sick. I'm a lush. But not hungover...
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