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Hello! (is it wine o'clock yet?)

I have been RI-STUPIDLY busy lately (ridiculous and stupidly) but hopefully things will slow the hell down after tomorrow.
Popping in to link you to the recap to last week's Hoarders (yeesh) and reminding you that tonight is the last of the season, and to TUNE IN AND WATCH so they'll get renewed for season 7. :)

[ETA]: Real Housewives is now up, and if you don't laugh at this, you might be broken.

Also, if you didn't realize that Liz was back recapping Spartacus, now you do. OH, AND STEVEN DEKNIGHT, THE WRITER AND CREATOR OF THE SHOW, LOVES HER RECAPS. And tweets about them. I'M JUST SAYING.

Also up: The Bachelor, Bomb Girls, Supernatural, and more. (And SouthLAnd starts next week!!!!)

Okay, finishing up more work, then parenting and dinner and more work. Whee?
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