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Last episode of Hoarders?

They've not been picked up for a new season, so last night's episode might very well be their last. The recap is here and I'm not going to lie: I got choked up writing this one. I've thought about how much I've learned (not always good things about myself) from watching this show. I know many people just wanted to rubberneck the grossness, but I really benefited from it.

An excerpt from the recap:
You just don’t know what leads people to make the choices in life that they do. Behind every filthy home has been a person with a story, a person that has needed someone to bear witness to their pain, a person that just needed someone to give them the tools to fix their problems. And often there are families behind that person, families that are angry, sad, and many are desperate to welcome the hoarder back into the fold. And when those families show love, things change.

It could be a show about hoarders, but really it’s a show about choices. It’s a show that is unflinching in its depiction of what those choices can result in, be they good or bad. And more often than not, the show turned someone’s life into something good, something with hope.

If this was the last episode, and I hope it isn’t, I’m incredibly grateful to have learned that I wasn’t a very kind person before. But I’m trying to be better.

And now I get to shift mental gears and switch to writing about over-privileged Beverly Hills brats. My brain is an active place, let me tell you.
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