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Well that's...surprising. All things considered.

Got my hairs all cut this weekend (ugh, I loathe getting my hair done. Actually, I LOVE getting my hair done, because getting your hair washed and played with is awesome. But stylists always want to cut too much off and I don't want short hair!) I had her check for grey hairs.

Still grey hair-less at 40. Nice.

Today I had a physical, including an EKG. (Fun!) My doctor asked me if I'd become a professional athlete, because my vitals, etc. made it look like I was. *fist pump* Thanks, P90X! :D

LET ME HAVE THIS, GUYS. Let me have this. After the year I've had, it's a wonder a) I have any hair left at all and b) that my blood pressure isn't through the roof or whatever happens to people's vitals in times of prolonged stress.

Also wonderful: a private message Matt Paxton sent me last night, one that made me tear up. I really love the folks at A&E, I have to say.
AW2: an aged Irish cheddar with caramelized onion paired with a glass of Roth Cab. (Is it bad that I had that for my dinner last night? APPARENTLY NOT *points to lab work* HA HA, BODY, WE HAVE FOOLED THEM ONCE AGAIN.)
AW3: The terrific Sterek AU series that Devildoll is writing on Tumblr with a nerdy younger Derek and older Librarian Stiles.

and I feel terrible for being so...willing to look at those two men that cosplay porn as Sterek - I FEEL SO BAD ABOUT MYSELF but I can't look away. D:
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