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Texas, Our Texas

I know my state is an easy target. We're huge and we're filled with loudmouths (hey, I wonder where I got it from?).

But for the past 12 years, the crazies have been the loudest (because the rest of us are busting our asses just living) and have really given my home state that I love dearly - the place that gave me Ann Richards and Molly Ivins as role models - a huge black eye.

Did you know that a poll done a few months ago showed that 69% of the population supports gay marriage/legal partnership/civil unions? And yesterday, one of the state senators from Ft. Worth "Where The West Begins" Texas put a same-sex marriage bill to the state, HB 1300.

Today I'm wearing my Texas Pride tee shirt, a prized possession from my son's first Gay Pride this past fall. It means a lot of things, that shirt. This bill is a wonderful message to the LGBT community here that things are changing. I don't have full hope that it will pass, but it will get the ball rolling in the right direction. (And congratulations to the LGBT community in Illinois for having same-sex marriage pass yesterday!)

Slowly but surely reason will win out. Science won't be a left-wing conspiracy theory, math won't be looked at as magic, and love will be seen as love, no matter how it comes. <3
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