Laura Stone (stoney321) wrote,
Laura Stone

You know what? I can't stand (just as much as you) when there is a bunch of stuff I have to scroll through on my flist. Some days you just want to be picky. And I understand! So I've made a poll to figure out if you want to be on a filter and skip over some of the crap in my journal. Because I care about your scrolling finger. *strokes finger*

Poll #432704 Trim the Fat Poll

i love parody! Ha ha!! Give me more!

Uh... no thanks, Stoney.
Whee!! I'm silly, too! Gimmie!
Can you defriend me, please?

I want to read fiction NOT related to Fandom.

This is not true. If there aren't vamps, bah.
I am a supportive friend, and not an asshole like above.
Can you defriend me, please?

I'm going to type in my username so I can be on the RLfic filter. Or skip this.

Now I am going to type my username to be on the parody filter. Or not.

Last: go to big_snog_weekly and jump on Dovil!! We love her, right? Let her know!
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