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I just want to eat all the things

But I will not eat all the things. (I just really want to.)

I would like to personally thank elizardbits for introducing me (she doesn't know this) to Scorpion Pushups (watching the lady in the video actually do them instead of just the instruction starts at 2 min). Because this just kicked my P90X to the next level. (I'm on core synergistics week, and it's boring because I've done it so many times, so this was a delightful way to change things up.) Also? I'm kind of bad ass at them. I managed 30 before I started cracking up at how my arms were shaking.

I am cold and cannot seem to get warm. If someone could get on a blanket made of puppies and kittens, or a robe-type garment out of that material, I'd appreciate it.

Amazon delivered my new music stand, shoulder rest, and some sheet music today and I am looking forward to an epic afternoon of Hot Cross Buns on my newly restored violins. (Lol.) Wow, the muscle memory for viola isn't quite the same for violin. I'm constantly sharp on everything. HEY ISN'T THAT INTERESTING GUYS?


HELLO? I WANT FRIES WITH CHEESE AND BACONS AND A NEW UTERUS. If someone could be a dear and help me out, that would be greaaaat.

This post brought to you by my fuzzy brain that is incapable of doing anything else, apparently. WHY ME NO BRAIN DUM DUM?
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