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Hello, Monday.

I hope you said "Monday" like 'Newman." I hope you get what I'm talking about. I hope you are not irritated. I hope you have cookies. (I could just really go for a cookie.) I AM OUT OF COOKIES. HELP ME, OBI WAN. YOU'RE MY ONLY POPE. <-- hey, current events joke, what?

I have lost my mind, clearly. A few things! In list format!

1. The Walking Dead was brilliant last night. That's an ep I will watch over and over to pick up all of the layers.
2. I realized that I still have a giggly girl-crush on Jason Street. (The Talking Dead last night?)
3. Aisha Tyler is one of us, and she is wonderful.
4. Vinnie is recapping Cult, and Sam is going to start Viking, and it's all terribly exciting. Speaking of exciting, SPARTACUS.
5. I am really worn the hell out. I would like to get away from it all. Including myself.
6. Dear Science: I would like to be cloned so I can dump that schmuck here and run away and be awesome and have silence whenever I want it.
7. I seriously could go for a cookie.
8. I am about to round the 100K mark on this fic of mine (the Sterek body-swap) AND EVIDENTLY I DON'T KNOW HOW TO WRITE BRIEFLY ANYMORE. Stupid feelings and having to make it make sense and shenanigans with Peter that make me laugh and there is a TRUST FALL that Derek hates and I just...
9. What is happen. I just want to paw at handsome men and have them paw me back, HOW ABOUT IT SCIENCE?
10. I need to finish this dumb story. OKAY, LAST CHAPTER HERE I GO. *sobs*
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