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Busy weekend, and a surprisingly chill Monday - that's a first.

Mondays are usually my craziest days, but because I was up until almost 2am working on my recap (I couldn't stop thinking about Game of Thrones!) I'm surprisingly free today. Free to NAP, aww yeah!

Business: Game of Thrones recap. Dude. Dude.
Dr. Who recap! Am I wrong, or is this season awesome? (I don't think I'm wrong) Give Janey some love!
Orphan Black recap - and guys? This show looks amazing. And mrmonkeybottoms is new, so show her some love!
Spartacus - the SERIES FINALE recap, sob, sob woe, oh ANDY. :(
Hannibal, and wow, this show is taking off in fandom. GET IN ON THE GROUND FLOOR.
Vikings is coming later!

Pleasure: Well, kind of. I saw the Evil Dead remake on Friday with my daughter and two of her friends. Correction, I sat in the back by myself and watched because they're idiots who want to sit on the third row and ruin their eyes and necks. UM. LET'S TALK A MINUTE.

That was THE goriest movie I have ever seen, and I have seen most gory movies. Takashi Miike is a personal favorite horror director. I don't know that I've ever cringed, gasped, laughed at myself for cringing and gasping like I did in this movie. I'm pretty sure there's an award for horror movies where "Most Blood" is given, and this is the winner.

1. There are some truly terrifying images - those eye contacts, boy.
2. There are some seriously cringe-making ways to kill people. Nothing crazy inventive, just executed (heh) in a really believable way
3. There are some points of humor, but nothing like the original. Don't go looking for that, because you won't really find it.
4. It starts off in the red, simmers for a while, then GOES EVEN HARDER.

Glad I saw it, I'll have to think about seeing it again. I'm not a HUGE torture porn fan, and this is solidly in that style of movie telling.

I did a ton of gardening, a ton of reading, a ton of writing, and that brings me to my last thing. Someone (hint: flaming_muse got onto me for posting a huge fic that I've been working on for months without any sort of fanfare. Well, I'm new to Teen Wolf fandom, and don't really interact with anyone over there, so I didn't expect anyone to bother reading my fic aside from a handful of people. So instead of being navel gazing, I'm going to make a post after this to serve as a master post. I just posted Chpt. 7 of 13 chapters.

And now I go in search of food. And tea. Mmm.
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