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Monday links

After a stressful and sad weekend (see previous post), today began with a perfectly blue sky, warm weather, and the smell of flowers. Guys? I have pretty flowers in my garden. One of my rose bushes (my Texas State Yellow Rose, to be exact) is so flipping gorgeous, I can't even.

That's as big as my whole hand! <3

So Game of Thrones was awesome last night, as per ushe. Recap (and non-spoilery discussion for squeeful types) is here.

Also up: Orphan Black, Hannibal (which is tearing it UP as the most popular show on the site!), Dr. Who, and Supernatural.

We have officially blown out our bandwidth twice in one month. (As in, we shot past our normal setting, I had it upped, and we've shot past that.) The traffic is fantastic, and I'm very grateful to everyone that has linked to us, pimped us out, and especially those of you who comment and engage in thoughtful, fun discussions. We like that most of all. :)

OT, I had someone leave me a comment on a fic (an angsty fic that turns out well in the end) calling it "sappy." Now, I've been delivered criticism for my writing, harsh criticism at times, even. I've learned from some criticisms (especially when it comes from someone who actually knows what they're talking about, instead of someone that is an idiot with a keyboard.) But sappy? That's a new one for me. Also: fuck you. Lol. (This person then proceeded to argue with me when I tried to joke around with them, you know, defuse the tension with humor. Nope! They just want to be a dick. Okay, then! OH THE JOY OF DELETING COMMENTS FROM YOUR INBOX.) <-- highly recommended. Life's too short to argue with people who just like to be contrary - and aren't even clever about it.

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