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Strunk & Is That Right?

Question, because I'm lazy curious:

MLA format: The Bible isn't underlined in text, and I've discovered that the Book of Mormon is also not underlined. Would you underline: Oxford English Dictionary? I feel like I've seen O.E.D. in places (as opposed to O.E.D.) but I could quite easily be wrong.

Also, someone made a compilation of Dylan O'brien kissing his real life girlfriend the girl in his first movie and from other things he's done, and it made my chest all tight and I feel funny. I should not be attracted to a CHILD. A very hot and attractive child. Okay, he's almost 22. STILL. (And I still can't watch The First Time because I know they're really dating and it makes me feel like a creeper or a voyeur, and I have issues, I recognize this, but there is a very strong WE DO NOT CROSS THE STREAMS vibe in me regarding celebrities and being a fan.)

I am a nerd. There you go. Also, I'm making the Mr. take me out to a good dinner and I'm getting a black and blue martini or NINE. \o/
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