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So I know I do this every Monday

but this is how many of you remember to come to HDJM and read all of the awesome writing there. (Hannibal continues to be CRAZY popular, which is awesome.) I'm proud of all of my girls, for sure. <3

Game of Thrones is here, btw, and it took me FOREVER to get it done because I am a total drag-ass today.

Instead of complaining, I will simply point you to this amazing post on TUMBLR (read the comments below the quote) and say that it's just wonderful to see people get that. It took me a while to get that (it took me having teenagers, honestly) and seriously, nothing has been pissing me off more in fandom that seeing people write boys saying that when they're doing something perceived as negative (or simply emotional) that they're being like a "little girl."

My girls love what they love, and don't know that they shouldn't love it. Them feeling passionately about their interests shouldn't be seen as being less important or valuable as a teenage boy loving baseball or cars or whatever. How ridiculous. STOP SAYING THINGS ARE LIKE A GIRL/GIRLY IN A NEGATIVE WAY. It's weak, it makes you look like an asshole, and you're a huge part of the problem females everywhere face.

There's no such thing as "I'm not one of those girls." Because there's a bunch of girls that say THAT, so you're one of THEM. And you're someone that is siding with misogyny when you do say that, by the way.

LET PEOPLE LIKE WHAT THEY LIKE. It doesn't take anything away from YOU if someone likes something you don't. (Unless it's liking your things once they're out of your possession. In that case, it absolutely takes away from you.) :)
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