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1 2 3 -- 4 5 6 -- 7 8 9 -- 10 11 12 & the ladybugs came to the ladybug picnic

I have cilantro growing strictly for the ladybugs. It's a great host plant for baby-making and baby-raising. The suburbs of the garden, if you will. (And you will.) Side note: I hate cilantro. Yes, I know about the genetics, blah blah soap, it's gross but someone I'm sure loves it, blah. Also, MILD INSECT PR0N IN THE LOWER RIGHT CORNER. (hahaha)

I failed to mention that the upper left critter is the ladybug baby (larva).

Now I'm making Transformer noises. (IDK, ladybug larva look like Autobots to me.) Nope, I'm singing Ladybugs Picnic. :D

*sits around telling knock-knock jokes*

Thanks to those who participated in the poll yesterday, including those that said they were NOT interested in my show. (And I can't help it, I have to laugh at the complete stranger who voted NOPE who has never set foot in my LJ before. Research is research, right? Right.)

Also live JOURNAL = the use of the word journal does not make us journalists. Unless you have a degree in journalism, in which case you obviously are one. But I still hold that LJ didn't make you a journalist. /bi-annual reminder that I'm just a person trying to make people laugh for the most part and should not be taken seriously

...unless I'm talking plants. Then you should. :)
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