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I have an issue

And it's that I can't get enough sandwiches. My kids are calling me Joey Tribiani, because I - Look, I just really like a good sandwich, okay? Then you crisp it up in a panini press, and it just takes it to 11 and yeah. My kids told me last night that they are NOT having sandwiches for dinner any more this week. HEY I AM AT LEAST CHANGING THEM UP, WHY DO YOU KIDS SUCK?

Whatever, I'll eat one for my lunch. (Brie, blueberries and strawberries, balsamic, basil leaves on challah bread. Again. Because it's just.that.damn.good.)

ION, I think I might have to Tumblr Savior Dylan O'Brien and Tyler Hoechlin from my feed, because I cannot deal with their faces. It's possible that I am needing to be the meat in that sandwich. THANK YOU, I'LL BE HERE ALL NIGHT. Really. I have no life. ION 2, I realized that I'm not getting enough calories after dl an app on my phone to track my workouts, etc., and HA! Like, to the tune of needing another 700 calories, which explains why I've been feeling lethargic lately. You know what this means, of course.

Poll #1914672 what does this mean?

do you know what this means?

more sandwiches.
anything but sandwiches because I hate joy, sunshine, kittens, and deliciousness.

Random statement time!

I hate bananas.
I have an almost unhealthy love of bananas.
Bananas, frozen, blended with Nutella = the best ice cream EVER
that above statement might possibly change your life.
I have been incredibly unhappy with Community this season and haven't even bothered to watch the last three eps.

I feel strongly that I need to get into the show Hannibal. I also feel strongly that I am not going to be able to deal with the new season of Teen Wolf given how I am freaking over the promo. (I almost feel like it's spoiled the whole season for me, in a weird way.)

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