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It feels like Friday

Doesn't it? Just me? Today is the kids' last day of school so today is the last day that I have a morning all to myself. Well, the kids are older and take care of themselves, so it's not a HUGE hardship aside from them needing me to drive them every where and keep the pantry stocked. (The sheer volume of food I go through in a week... This is why you should not mate with giants. Giant children have very long bodies that need filling.)

As always, life is ridiculously stressful, but there are bright spots. Yesterday, I was able to get a complete episode of "Mastering the Garden" into the can, as they say, and I'm filming another on Sunday. (Erm, I'm still writing that script, too, but hey, no pressure! I have to take film crews when available, especially since they're working for free. Well, for lunch.)

I would like to point out that I am wearing full makeup with my hair down, button down work shirt and jeans to film. In Texas. Outdoors. Where it's very hot. Fleurgh. I'm trying to maximize this opportunity so this is the last time you'll hear me complain. :) Next step is to film one more episode, then do webchats where I answer gardening questions. And where I can sit indoors.

This song is often sung in my house.

Hey, Klainers: did you guys not see that flaming_muse posted a HUGE 27K NC-17 future fic about going on vacation? [And the magic of vacation sex?] Because she did. And you should go read it and give her love. Feed your authors!
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