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Rrrrrrrrrrrandom poll time!

Because this gives me an eye twitch. (I don't SAY anything, I just don't like it. We'll see if you can figure out what I mean.)
Poll #1927926 LAUNDRY


immediately fold laundry fresh out of the dryer. Mmm, warm!
pile the laundry on a bed/chair/sofa, let the cat check it out, then fold. Mmm, kitty + warm!
I pile the laundry on some nearby surface and grab what I want when I need it.
don't have any clothes. Ask me how! *leers*


have my dresser drawers arranged from top to bottom: socks/britches/sundries, tops, bottoms (perhaps with double drawers, but that order flows.)
have my drawers ordered from bottom to top: underwear/socks/sundries, tops, bottoms.
I jam everything into whatever drawer has space.
don't have any clothes specifically to avoid situations like this.

When folding clothes I:

start with bottoms, then pile folded tops onto that, finishing with undies/socks/sundries.
fold whatever my hand reaches first. I'll sort it out when I get to my dresser.
laugh, because I don't fold clothes. Clearly I'm a pod person if you catch me folding clothes.
stare at the owner of said clothing for a long period of time. Why do they have to make it weird? I just like B&E and laundry, okay?

Fitted sheets:

totally can and do fold them.
totally could if I actually cared.
go straight back onto the bed so I can avoid any folding trauma.
don't work for carrying bodies into the desert. Now tarps...


You are right. They are wrong. We know this in our soul. ORDER! WE WILL HAVE ORDER!
I get that this is important to you, but Imma keep doing how I do.
It doesn't matter. By which I mean to say that YOU don't matter. The proof is in how careless I am with the laundry you lovingly washed for me.
Do you need a drink?

LOOK I'M JUST SAYING THAT IF SOMEONE DOES YOUR FLIPPING LAUNDRY FOR YOU, STICK TO THE PLAN. ETA: And so I don't offend anyone: YOU SHOULD TAKE THIS POLL SERIOUSLY. Wait, I mean take this poll as a sign of my insanity and as a reflection on how I want my house to be run, not anyone else's. I truly don't judge people for the way they run their home, because it's YOUR HOME. <3

In other news, school starts in less than three weeks and the Mr. is traveling more and I am pretty excited about the upcoming solitude!

Somehow I have to make a lemon-coconut cake look like a Very Specific My Little Pony for Emily's 12th birthday tomorrow and it might just be cut like one with gumdrop eyes because come the hell on, kid.


Aug. 6th, 2013 11:05 pm (UTC)
Folding laundry is ZEN. I hold to this. I fold it straight out of the dryer, and put it in piles on top of the washer as the new load is washing. When I'm done folding, I take the piles, bottoms on the bottom, tees and tops in the middle with undies and what not on top, and take them to the dresser.

My roommates in college LOVED when I did laundry. I was a few years older than they were, and they were still living like they were at home, with mommy to do for them. Invariably, their clothes would still be in the dryer on MY DAY!!!! (yes, this angered me, WE HAD A SCHEDULE DAMN IT!). And as I thought it rude to just pile their crap on top of the dryer, I folded their laundry while mine washed. Neat little piles of teeny tiny tee shirts and basketball shorts, camis and jeans...

I won't go into the messes in the kitchen....

In other words: ORDER in the laundry room! Yes, by jeeves. Fold the damned clothes!!!! *seethes*
Aug. 6th, 2013 11:21 pm (UTC)
I just held my hands up like you were channeling Christ and I was your disciple. PREACH. ON.

OH MY GOSH. Order, yes yes yes, it pleases me so! I can't stand when my house is in chaos and messy, it makes me itch and feel crazed. You and I could totally Golden Girls it one day. :D
Aug. 7th, 2013 01:23 pm (UTC)
Yep! And my college roomie used to like to watch me fold laundry because I'd go all zen and then come out with some solution to a problem/observation. We called it Mental Knitting.


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