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I'm trying to post more, too

Hey - THANK YOU VERY MUCH for all of the comments y'all have been leaving me. I'm pretty overwhelmed at the moment (no, you don't say!) but I WILL respond to everyone. Thank you, thank you.

I leave you with a story that made me happy yesterday. I'm at Target getting sundries for the kids (because school starts on Monday oh my gosh HOORAY school school schoooooooool!) and as I'm leaving and putting my cart up, I hear a mom down on her knees talking quietly to her son, probably kindergarten age. Essentially he was misbehaving and she was quietly explaining why he shouldn't do that in a store, and if he continued to choose that behavior, they would leave and he wouldn't get whatever they were in the store for. So would he behave? I saw him rub his eyes, sniffle, and nod and say, "Yes, mama."

I whispered to her as I walked past, "Stellar mom-work right there."

She looked at me sadly and said, "Really? Because I don't feel like it was."

I didn't want to be more intrusive, so I just said, "No, you are doing an amazing job seeing that your small child listened to you. Couldn't ask for more, especially not at that age." I bid her a good day and saw her smile as I went through the big doors.

I WANTED to hug her and buy her a coffee/whatever she liked because she was clearly frazzled, but you'd never know it from how calmly she spoke and how firm yet loving she was to her kid. WHOEVER YOU ARE, MOM AT TARGET, I SALUTE YOU.

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