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HDJM IS DOWN. I know. It's been >36 hours of everyone (webhost, DNS folks, etc) pointing fingers at everyone else and I KNOW.

And the people who have messaged "WTF?" in a pissy way like I owe you shit can GTFO. I run this thing on my own dime, my writers provide you free entertainment on their own time, and it's high quality entertainment, let me just tell you.

Those of you who kindly and patiently asked if things were okay are the best. (And fortunately you're in the majority. <3)

FINGERS CROSSED IT WILL GET FIXED ASAP. (We have become a high traffic site since Sam started recapping Vikings and Hannibal, and the Pacific Rim recap is off the charts meaning we have an incredibly high number of new readers. Which is awesome. But we're not on a NatGeo size server, so PLEASE BE PATIENT.)

[insert picture of squirrel in coveralls and a ball cap while holding wrench as it stands in front of a bunch of electrocuted wires]
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