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Attention writers, artists, bankers, bakers, anyone who creates things:

You absolutely need to watch this lecture series by John Cleese on how to be creative, how to ALLOW YOURSELF to be creative, and how to make it happen again and again. Creativity shouldn't be lightning in a jar.

Absolutely brilliant.

And may I say that years ago, when I learned that Monty Python kept bankers' hours (and believed the SNL method of doing coke and staying up for 36 hours to write sketches was stupid), I realized that it meant that one way wasn't THE way. When you're trying to follow in footsteps of giants, it's okay to take a path alongside them (and dip into the woods and go a different way, actually).

"Humor is an essential part of spontaneity, an essential part of playfulness, an essential part of creativity that we need to solve problems."

And now for something completely different. (Different from me not creating a damn thing.) I'm taking a deep cleansing breath, setting up my personal oasis, and giggling all I want, as per instructed.
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