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I'm having a quiet dinner alone (hiding in my bedroom while the kids and all of their friends rock out to music and talk over each other in the living room, omg, STOP TALKING OVER EACH OTHER!!) and wow, is it tasty.

Beets, arugula, balsamic and goat cheese on sourdough bread (that's what I had on hand, but thick French bread would be best) and a glass of DELICIOUS Rutherford Hill, Red wine, 2008 Barrel Select from Napa. Mmmm, flavorful, easy finish, will just get better as it ages. All hail French oak aging! I bought a half case of this after trying a bottle last night (this is the last half of that same bottle. It is now empty.)

If you make this sandwich, roast the beets, let them cool, slice them and let them simmer in some balsamic for extra flavor. Drizzle more balsamic over the arugula and be SUPER GENEROUS with the goat cheese. I wish I'd put a bit more on this one, honestly. But then, I would eat goat cheese every day. <3

It's been a busy day of errands, cleaning, and chores, and I am dee oh in ee DONE for the day. I'd share a glass with you if you were here, but alas, it looks like I'll have to drink this by myself... :) I get to have brunch with crazydiamondsue tomorrow along with her cute family and I am super happy about Tex-Mex brunch. Mmmm. FOOD. [/hungry ramblings]

Last but not least: mrmonkeybottoms - who wrapped up Orphan Black on HDJM - is going to start a rewatch of Buffy from the start soon, Janey's recaps of The Bridge are one of the few places you can talk happily about that great show, and Melody has jumped back in for this last season of Breaking Bad. Come give those girls some love!


Sep. 1st, 2013 01:51 am (UTC)
I am also hiding in my room with dinner and wine while the teenagers take over the house. What a coincidence! ;-)

Mmm, goat cheese. The other day someone gave me some plums, so I cut them in half, stuffed them with goat cheese and drizzled honey over it. Try that. Super yummy.
Sep. 1st, 2013 11:55 pm (UTC)
OMG, goat cheese and plums with honey, YES. (I do that with figs, too! And add some pecans or walnuts. OM NOM.)

I do believe I need another of these sandwiches today... <3


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