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1) I learned that shed hair (meaning, the "root" isn't there) only has mitochrondrial DNA in it, not nucleic (what would be in your blood, bone, tissues, etc) DNA.

2) I am attempting to make my own starter (like sourdough starter) with wild yeast in the air. This is day 1, so we'll see how it goes. Since yeast is everywhere, it stands to reason that eventually you can "capture" it and make your own starter. That's how our forebears did it, so I'm going off an old recipe from a cookbook found in Navoo in a Mormon settlement (where they lived before being pushed out to Utah.)

I have a few tablespoons of whole grain flour (I'm using spelt. If that fails, I'll use some rye.) mixed with a few tablespoons of fruit juice. I'll add that to the mix every day at the same time and see if I can't get some wee beasties to grow. I used to have starter from my grandma that was 30+ years old. Holy smokes, was that the best damn sourdough bread of your life...

3) I heard a clip of Tyler Hoechlin sighing the word "fuck" into a mic and now I'm pregnant. That is just how damn masculine that guy is. [I am not actually pregnant. But I would like to practice getting that way with him. DON'T MAKE THIS WEIRD.]

4) The kids are back in school now (second week!) and I'm trying to get my footing on a routine again, and I have GOT to schedule time to write without distractions. It'll take me a few days to get the hang of it, but I need it. NEED.

5) I also need a way to become independently wealthy straight away. Feel free to offer me tips. (I already have "hooking" at the top of my list. Plus, who doesn't want to lay down on the job? Bonus: no need to buy a uniform.)

6) I WOULD LIKE TO GO SPEND SIX WEEKS TRAMPING AROUND THE COUNTRYSIDE. Any country's side, really. Backside especially. I'M LOOKING AT YOU, SPAIN *eyebrow waggle*

I might be going insane. Or I'm hungry. One of those things.
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