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I'm going crazy... Going?!?!

Wow. I'm so tired. I laid out on the THUNDERDOME because it's 74 degrees in Texas today, and not a cloud in the sky. Whee!! Was listening to the Team America theme song, America: Fuck Yeah!, and I now have tears on my face from laughing.

Liberty! Fuck, yeah!
Taco Bell! Fuck, yeah!
Republicans! one person: Fuck... yeah?
Books! no noise


Stayed up late finishing frosting all 4 dozen giant cookies for various Valentine's Day parties in the kids' classes. Watched the final episode of Buffy Season 7 and cried for my dead show. Not wanting to watch Angel Season 5 because it means it's really over: I'll have nothing left from Joss... Waahh!

Realized why people hate Kennedy, and not just because it seemed sudden for Willow: she's a version of Cordelia, and Willow HATED Cordelia. Rich brat who gets what she wants, and sasses Buffy. Oz and Tara have a commonality: a humility and sense of self. A quietness about them. But Kennedy isn't the opposite of that, she's a whole different specimen, which is why I didn't like them as a couple.

I go back to sleeping outside now.... Texas: Fuck yeah!
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