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Links for your Monday morning

Walking Dead - ooooh, we're just getting darker and darker with every episode. Recap is up here, and if you follow my Tumblr (or HDJM's tumblr) you'll know when the recaps are up for TWD, SPN, and more!

Speaking of, the SPN recap and more are up at HDJM. ;D

Every time you share, reblog, or like a link there, an angel gets its wings. BBQ and spicy wings! Boneless, even! Mmm, it's almost lunch time and I'm hungry.

I was introduced to a new wine this weekend and it was GLORIOUS.

Bold & spicy. I let it sit opened for an hour before drinking, and it was perfect with the rich beef stew I'd made for our dinner.

There's a fantastic winery that opened in our town square and every red wine was in my wheelhouse. I got to talking to the owner and have a new BFF. Hahaha. He joined up with a butcher shop in town (they only buy organic, grass fed meat - process all the meat there on site, holy smokes, I was in HEAVEN) for something called a "Cab -n- Slab." It's a wine/steak of the month club where the wines are premium and the cuts of meat divine. Yeah, I'm signing up. (Last month was a bottle of Caymus and 2 20oz Porterhouse steaks. I MEAN. COME ON.)

He warned me that this particular wine I mentioned is selling like hotcakes, so buy now. I plan on going back this week and picking up maybe a half case, because it was THAT GOOD.

hey, gang! (I'm going back and replying to people I've missed over the week due to my life being crazy. Sorry!!)
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