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Links and thinky thought

Walking Dead's recap is up, as well as all of the other goodies on HDJM like Buffy, SPN, Sleepy Hollow... As always, you can follow HDJM's twitter, FB page or Tumblr for updates or follow the writers' twitter/tumblr. Here's my tumblr/twitter, for example.

Thinky thoughts:

  1. I had my final parent-teacher conference for my son today and he'll be graduating before Thanksgiving, due to me keeping him busy with school all summer. I. It's just that. Graduating. Done. Finito. Sooner than we thought. It's fine that he is, I'm just coming to terms with being a mother old enough to have a HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE. =|

  2. And we're stepping up his college application (nursing schools!) stuff with the help of my kid's team at the new school (who I love)

  3. I got a comment to HDJM today on a years-old Hoarders post. It was the Hoarder's daughter. I just want to say how grateful I am to everyone supporting the idea of HDJM's motto: approach with love for something, even if it's wacky and silly, because where else can you go to talk about something where you know you won't fall headlong into wank? She felt comfortable enough with the recap and the discussion in comments to talk about her feelings and give me an update on her mom. (Not good.) I love that the family members and friends who have commented over the years knew that they could talk about their feelings - even when they were angry, upset, heartbroken - on HDJM and we wouldn't judge them for it.

That felt pretty good, I have to say. And now back to this Anne of Green Gables/Teen Wolf fic that I am MADLY IN LOVE WITH, omg. /dork
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