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Feh. and FML

Halfway through my 5 mile run this morning my music went off and a call came through. It was about my son, who had collapsed in the bathroom and had been found by a teacher. Paramedics were called, I ran like the freaking wind to the house, got in the car and drove straight to him at the school, turned down the opportunity to pay a million bucks have a ride to the ER and drove him myself (it's a mile from the school), and had to almost carry my 6'1", 180 pound son into the ER.

After hours of tests - full battery of them - the conclusion is: they don't know. Could be low blood sugar, even though his wasn't really low. Could be low blood pressure, but his wasn't really low. Could be his medicines, who knows. Awesome. (And it doesn't matter, because jfc it is my child and I don't CARE about my looks, but I spent all day smelling like an armpit, sweaty and nasty in my workout clothes and I tried to give myself a wee sponge bath with antiseptic wipes because I was mortified that I had been working out and felt disgusting.)

He's home, fine, eating everything that isn't tied down and now I get to do my adrenaline dump after keeping it cool all damn day so HE wouldn't lose it. There was a massive car wreck that had the ER filled, and it was nerve-wracking sitting in our room and watching Care Flight stretchers race by and hear people crying and yelling in pain. UGH. :(

Tonight for Halloween I'm going as a frazzled mom who needs a drink. WAIT. A SLUTTY frazzled mom who needs a drink. There, now I'm keeping in tradition.

and I'm really unhappy that I posted about this on FB and only ONE FRIEND had anything sympathetic to say, thank you crazydiamondsue and everyone else made the equivalent of dick jokes. YEAH, I KNOW I GO FOR THE FUNNY, BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN THAT THINGS GET SERIOUS IN MY LIFE, FFS. I have FAMILY that was actively online at the time. Pah.
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