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you ask, I answer #3: FOOD

I'm almost out of questions (I blame my incessant yammering on there not being a need to ASK me anything, lol. It's that or no one cares, which is probably more accurate HEY FUN START, LAURA) so we're close to the end of me spamming your flists.

brunettepet asked: what is your favorite thing you cooked all year? Oooh. Well, it was fun going through my recipe tag to see all the new things I tried this year, from wild yeast starter (still going strong!), fancy sandwiches (love has not wavered!) to the answer for this particular query: OXTAILS.

First off, I had the best oxtail ragu (ragout, but I always end up saying rag-in, rag-out when it's spelled properly, so allow me to Americanize the word) of my life in NYC with flaming_muse at Mario Batali's LUPA. (OMG, the sardines with golden raisins and pine nuts were stupid delicious. I WOULD HAVE EATEN ONLY THAT. but then, I wouldn't have partaken in the deliciousness of oxtails.)

I was desperate to find the recipe. I found many, but none of them were close to his. He had YouTube videos showing how he made them (but not really). He was on morning shows talking about them. BUT NO PRINTED RECIPE MATCHED THE DISH. Oho, sneaky man, I see what you're doing, and while I respect it, I don't like it. So I watched every video. I read every contradictory recipe. And I figured it out.

For three days I monkeyed with a recipe until I hit on it. That was it, I realized when I tasted the final dish. I DID IT. Ha! HA HA HA HA!!! *lightning crashes, an old mother dies*

It's become a favorite in our house, a special occasion dish that is often requested. In fact, I'm making it for Christmas Dinner (alongside the runner up for this question, a healthy, re-tooled Eggplant Parmesan).


Feel free to add to my question load HERE. And as the year winds down, maybe consider throwing a dollar or five (or more! Hey, we won't complain) into the tip jar at HDJM. All proceeds go to my writers, some of who are in financial need and yet still find the time to share their fannish love with you weekly. THANK YOU!
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