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Remember books? And: what do you REALLY think about moms?

I've spent the past fews days reminding myself how good it feels to hold paper in my hands. Got a copy of 2003 Best American NonRequired Reading, edited by Dave Eggers, one of my faves. Good stuff. Some Lynda Barry, Dave Sedaris, even some Onion reporting. I loved this:
"The ideal reader cannot sleep when holding the writer he was meant to be with." I can think of 4 writers to whom I am their bitch.

And: "To think of oneself as the perfect receptacle for an artwork is one of the few wholly benign human vanities."

Now: SangueUK had a brilliant thought that has stuck with me for days: "it seems motherhood has replaced the pastoral myth." I totally agree. We're in a baby boom here in the States, and I wonder why. As a mom, well, at times there is a daily struggle to figure out who I am. Mother? Just me? What the hell does that mean? A lot of times it's a love/hate relationship. A lot of times I feel cheated out of being me.

For those of you who are moms, what do you think about it? Be honest: motherhood is 20 percent greatness and 80 percent shit, sometimes literally. For those who aren't mothers: why? (And I fully support those decisions, btw.) I'm interested in your disillusionment, or your utter joy.

Feel free to vent or praise or sneer.
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